Hi, I am a teacher Ana of Online2study. I am a certified English teacher and I hold an interdisciplinary M.A.’s Degree in Religious Studies. I like teaching here because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people while I do what I like- teaching English! I have been teaching English for 20 years now and that includes different levels and different age groups. I am really happy when I help people improve their skills, it enriches my personality.

Speaking of myself I would say that I am a positive, dynamic and open-minded person happy to interact. That is why I like this job, also- while you learn from me I learn from you at the same time!

Also, I am an excellent communicator and motivator, patient when teaching and with great communication, writing, presentation and analytical skills followed with an excellent wide education and different interests. Whatever you think your weak point is, I can help you change that. If you are persistent and ready to study, I will help you increase your confidence and knowledge and first of all: believe in yourself! So let’s do it!

I hope you will enjoy learning with me! My slogan is: ‘’Time is precious so study, love and be loved!’’. Take care! See you soon!