Hello! I’m teacher Nina.

Thank you for showing interest in my profile! If you are reading this, you find yourself in a journey to develop your communication skills, which not only will open many doors professionally but also change the vision you have of yourself and the rest of the world.

I know this because I speak three languages, all fluently and native like, and this for most of my life. Also, I am certified by the University of Cambridge ESOL, have six years of teaching experience and with students of all age groups: from young children to senior adults.

So whatever your reasons may be for wanting to learn English, I guarantee good and even excellent results if you commit to the challenge: I will help you improve your listening comprehension, your language accuracy and pronunciation; I will also give you many opportunities to speak, as well as read and write.

If you wish to reach your goals in a safe, joyful and stimulating environment focused on your needs, I invite you to take this wonderful journey with me. Hope to see you soon!